TERRA Non-Lid Grey Dustbin, 60L, With Handle, Dustbin

SKU 20

This non-lid bin makes it easier for people to dispose of everyday waste. This non-lid bin is able to hold larger items that may not fit in traditional lid bins. Since the opening is not covered, it is easier for people to see and reach inside the bin, reducing the risk of injuries or accidents. Non-lid Bin is indeed super accessible and convenient.


Product features:

- Bucket-style concept, making it easy to clean

- Lightweight yet strong and durable

- Made of corrosion-resistant material

- Comes with a high-quality and strong side handle

- Non lid bin is ideal for use in kitchen, and any other space

- Rectangular bin with rounded corners fits perfectly into your room corner: No sharp edges



60L - 45cm (L) x 32cm (W) x 59.5cm (H)


Colour: Grey