Premium Ice Age Polar Bear & Penguin Ice Cube Maker

SKU HPM-0005

Hold on to a glass of ice cold drink on a hot sunny day, drink, refill, drink, and another refill. There might not be not much of things can happen when you just enjoy a simple cup of cold water. Wouldn't it be more enjoyable if it can make you drift off for a while in your imagination? To a place where lives are adventurous in thick snows and icebergs!

Set out to these adventures with the Ice Age Novelty Ice Maker, where Polar Bear and Penguins become alive in your imagination; spending their time floating in your cup of drink. No matter if they are floating on a dark-bubbling-sea (Coke/Soda) or simply scotch Sensor Binon the rock, these North Pole animals will sure give you and your guests a little more entertaining experience!



6.8cm x 6.5cm