EKO Milano Rice Dispenser - 10KG

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EKO's Milano rice dispenser is compact and sturdy shaped that nicely fits above your kitchen counter or cabinet. The modern design makes it stand out and enhance your kitchen. The high-quality of stainless steel with fingerprint resistant make it easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, Milano rice dispenser ensures to keep your rice dry, fresh and free from pests, germs and contaminants. It is also great for beans and grains. With the front window design on it, it is easy for us to view how much rice is left.

The lid can be taken off or kept open on one side. Hence, it is convenient for different need. Rollers on the bottom for easy movement to the desired place so that you don't have to carry it. The locking system of Milano rice dispenser is designed by press down switch to the bottom to avoid spills and mess.

    Key Features

    • Model Number: EK9108
    • Fingerprint resistant
    • Capacity: 10 kg
    • Available in white and lime colour


    • Length: 36.5 cm
    • Width: 20 cm
    • Height: 45 cm