Whiskey Stones Reusable Chilling SUS304 Stainless Steel Ice Cubes Gift Set for Scotch Whisky/Tequila/Vodka/Liquors (Pack of 8)

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SKU HPM-0090
It's different from other soapstone material, which is fragile and can disintegrate over time.

Comes with a storage box that is better than a pouch of frozen and is easy to store in the freezer. Storage tray keeps your whiskey stones clean and to organize them during freezing.

Elegant presentation box makes your Whiskey Stones set suitable for any gift-giving occasion. Such as unique gifts for Valentine's Day, "I am sorry" gift, wine lovers.
  • Designed to be reusable, No pollution.
  • Environmentally safe.
  • FDA approved and BPA-free.
  • Cool your wine while retaining its flavor.
  • Retains the cold of your drink for a longer time without diluting them. They sure do not dilute your drink either!
  • Solid SUS304 high-grade Stainless Steel material contains natural antibacterial properties.
  • Never rusts or corrodes or wears.
  • Easy to use and clean.

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