Twistable Food Grade Disposable Drinking Party Straw, 80 Straws Per Pack, Black


The Twistable Food Grade Disposable Party Straw is a practical and fun option for serving beverages at events. These straws are safe for use with drinks and can be easily disposed of after use, reducing cleanup time. The straw's unique twistable design makes it a playful addition to any party, particularly appealing to children who will enjoy creating different shapes with it. 


Product features: 

  • Made of food grade PP plastic 
  • Safe for use and easily disposed of after use
  • Twistable design, making it playful addition to any party or event
  • 1 pack consists of 80 straws 



Before extension: 26 cm x 0.6 cm

After extension: 31-32cm x 0.6cm