HippoMart Thermal Food Jar 800ml in 304 Stainless Steel with Ergonomic Handle & Portable Stainless Steel Spoon

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Product features:

- PORTABLE INSULATION - Fits in your hand and packs a big lunch.

- Keep your food hot or cold and eat it hours later!

- Compact design holds 800ml of food

- BPA free

- DURABLE – SUS304 Stainless steel construction will not break like plastic or glass

- ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Eliminates your need for disposable to-go containers.

- Make smarter choices by taking your healthy meal along wherever you go Stainless steel design makes the Thermal Food Jar easy to clean and smells are eliminated with each wash.

- No need for a microwave or refrigerate.

- Comes with portable stainless steel spoon for a complete fuss-free outdoor meal!



Stainless steel with BPA free



Lime Green

Stainless steel