Stainless Steel Oil Dispenser 500ml

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‰ÛÏTell me how you store your oil, and I‰۪ll tell you how you cook.‰۝ ‰ÛÒ Wayne Gretsky ‰ÛÒ Michael Scott

Did you know storing your cooking oil is as important as storing your fresh groceries? To protect the health nutrition, the oil must be kept away from the hot and sun-exposed environment and must be carefully protected from oxidation as well.

The SUS304 Stainless Steel Oil Dispenser comes with a stainless steel cover attached along with a glass container, give it a luxurious look and better protection from light exposing environment. The special cap design also provides greater sealing capability, which can prevent oil from dripping out from the container even if it is put in horizontal position.

When the lid is pressed, the oil would then run through a constricted opening that would allow you to have better control over the pouring volume. As you may know, controlling oil consumption would mean we would have better control over our health.

    Key Features

    • Drip resistance lid
    • Quality stainless steel material for long durability, and firm grip design
    • Keep oil fresh for longer period of time


    • Diameter: 7.3 cm
    • Height: 29 cm

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