Smooth Edge Can Opener - No Sharp Edges or Cuts (304 Stainless Steel part)

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SKU HPM-0083
Smooth Edge Can Opener effortlessly opens cans and leaves no sharp edges. The easy to turn non-slip turning knob makes it so easy and anyone can use this manual can opener. You no longer have to worry about cutting yourself while opening cans with the smooth edge cutting safety mechanism. This new can opener was produced so it create blunt, smooth edges, making the can safe to the touch. The ergonomic non-slip design allows for smooth cutting when opening cans without the hand slipping, it is great for seniors.

Aesthetic premium quality sleek looking design: Made with high-end food grade stainless steel material which won‰۪t rust.

Easy to clean side cutting edge: The blade never touches the food and leaves no sharp edges. Can be washed in the sink in 5 seconds or put directly into the dishwasher. This professional can opener never touches your food.

The perfect gift: This easy to use can opener with a big easy to turn knob is perfect for just about anyone to handle. Since it‰۪s ergonomically made for anyone don‰۪t hesitate to get it for your grandma or any relative no matter if they have arthritis or wrist problems.

Great for Dog Food Cans as well! Made of 304 Stainless Steel, PP, and Nylon.

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