Durable Drying Mat with Drainer (Blue)

Durable Drying Mat with Drainer (Blue)

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  • Vendor:HippoMart
  • Category: Kitchen


  • Length:44.7cm
  • Width: 30.9cm
  • Height: 3.1cm


Key Features

  • Design with pop-up line patterns and elevated height level, allowing quick and easy drying
  • Build in draining system
  • Additional hang hole on side, allow easier for in tight kitchen space
  • Easy to clean


About This Product 

This is just an ordinary disk rack? Think again! The Silicon Drying Mat design will impress you with its built-in draining system that allows the dishes to dry faster.

The top surface is designed with an elevated gradient of 25 degrees, which makes it easy for water to drain off; along with pattern lines that allow spaces for water to drip off even when there are objects placing on top of the mat surface.