Upella Sensible Life Sensor Bin - 15L

by Upella
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SKU U15-Z-15L

Smart Home is all about automation. If you are curious about smart home, you will be glad to know that your first experience with smart home starts with Upella's Sensible Life. New kid on the block with advanced soft close technology and rechargeable battery that can last for 1 whole month of usage. The Sensible Life is a perfect union of geometry and design. A solidly built bin that can withstand the test of time and bring out that industrial look in your space.

As a commitment to quality build, Upella bins are made of high quality brushed stainless steel and Sensible Life Bin is no exception. Its body is also processed with 3 layer fingerprint resistant finishing that allows for easy maintenance. Rectangular shaped and tall enough for the sensors to detect your hand gestures, Sensible Life Bin fits perfectly in places that need the highest requirement for hygiene, especially in lobbies and clinics. It is also suitable for kitchens and home that need a quiet sensor bin.

Integrated with Upella's latest dynamic sensor technology, Sensible Life Sensor Bin adapts to your tasks. When the lid is closed, the sensor range is focused on sensing for close motions. When the lid is opened, the sensor expands its range to make sure it does not close while you are still not done with your activities. With its latest dynamic sensor technology, your battery has go a longer way with more stable sensing.

Smart Home is not just about automation. Hygiene takes center stage with Sensible Life.

Key Features

  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Plastic bag fixer
  • Dynamic sensor technology


  • Length: 29.8 cm
  • Width: 20 cm
  • Height: 46.7 cm


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