HippoMart Sanitary Waste Rubbish Toilet Bin 22L

SKU Sanitary Bin

HippoMart Sanitary Waste Rubbish Toilet Bin 22L - Waste Bin,Rubbish Bin,Trash Bin,Recycling Bin,Garbage Bin

Product Features:

  • Dual operation mode (by hand or by step-on pedal)
  • Ergonomic design with sitting position and hand level disposal height
  • The V-shape lid design minimises the back flow of unpleasant odours when lid  is opened, as well as blocks the visual of the content inside the bin.
  • Durable and easy stepping pedal
  • Tall and sleek yet has sufficient capacity

22L - 32cm x 15cm x 50cm

Grey, Dark Grey and White

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