Upella Optimal Life Step Bin - 12L

by Upella
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SKU U15-T-12L

If you are looking for a timeless piece of design that sits in your kitchen for your trash storage. The Optimal Life from Upella will fit your bill.

Its design inspiration arose from the concept of gentleness in life. Every corner of the Optimal bin has the gentle curve that fits into any corner of your interior space. There are no sharp edges, only smooth body curve that is crafted from one piece of high-quality stainless steel.

Seamless and contemporary outlook; crafted with a masculine mechanism. Beyond its demure look, Optimal Life Step Bin is packed with functions that make your everyday life easier. High quality brushed stainless steel with fingerprint resistant processing keeps your bin clean and new, no matter how long you used it. It is officially the easiest bin to maintain.

You will be pleased with the build of the Optimal Life Step Bin's pedal. Made with the same material as the body of the Optimal Life Step Bin, you will be impressed with a pedal that is as beautiful as the bin's body. High-quality stainless steel will last throughout its lifetime serving you.

Small details from the Optimal Life Step Bin goes a long way. The extra strong and large back handle enables you to grip and lift the bin easily and comfortably when you need to move it from one location to the next. No more lugging the bin to another location. Its convenience for you is our pride.

The new favourite feature from Upella bins is the soft closing lid. Bi-force damper system silents the lid closing that has bothered households with infants and even workplaces. The time of noise generating bins is over. Elegant soft closing lids are what we look at during our free time now. Optimal Life's 2 tier soft closing system closes down swiftly till the last 20mm which it will close at an even slower pace ensuring absolute quietness.

The Optimal Life Step Bin is perfect for any section of your interior space, especially in the kitchen. Huge love from homemakers and industrial kitchens for Optimal Life Step Bin's Stay Open function. Your lid bin doesn't always have to be closed when you are working your magic in the kitchen. The Optimal Life Step Bin's wide-angle lid can stay open without any locking mechanism to prevent it from closing, just like a hippo's mouth waiting to be fed.

Optimal Life Step Bin - Elegant and functional; the essential for your home and office.

Key Features

  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Plastic bag fixer


  • Length: 29.6 cm
  • Width: 28.2 cm
  • Height: 40.5 cm

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