MGB Galvanised Mobile Garbage Bin 120L, 240L

SKU GalvanisedMGB -120L

Product features:

  • No sharp edges
  • Enhanced moulding design
  • The bin body is designed with pressed bars, making its structure stable as well as enhancing its presentation
  • The edge is connected with a reinforced steel plate to ensure the stability of the bin especially while it is moved
  • The bin lid is made of a single stamping of steel plate, reinforced moulding on the surface
  • Two strong and durable wheels
  • Perfect for industrial and commercial use
  • This steel mobile garbage bin is globally used as the standard municipal waste medium
  • Waste collectors and municipalities usually have more than one colour to separate the waste, as part of collection purpose



  • 120L - L53.0cm x W48.0cm x H94.0cm
  • 240L - L73.0cm x W58.0cm x H104.0cm



  • Green