HippoMart Luminarc Glass Jug with 4 pcs Glass Cup set

SKU HPM0413 Luminarc Pitcher + Glass

Product Description:

  • Safe and Chemical-Free: Free from harmful chemicals like BPA, ensuring your beverage remains pure and safe to drink.
  • Enhances Aroma and Flavors: The unique glass shape enhances the aromas and flavors of juices and liquors for an enhanced drinking experience.
  • Elegant and Versatile Design: A contemporary pitcher that adds style to any table and is suitable for serving a variety of beverages.
  • Perfect for Special Occasions: Add elegance to parties and events with this stylish pitcher, also making it a great gift.
  • Benefits of Glass: Enjoy colder sips and a purer taste with glass, a sleek, durable, and eco-friendly material.

Pitcher Dimension: 14.4 cm x 19.2 cm

Cup Dimension: 10.3 cm x 8 cm