HippoMart Luminarc Empilable Mixing Salad Multipurpose Glass Bowl [Multiple Sizes]

SKU HPM-0142

Product description:

  • 100% Food-Safe: Non-porous, preventing retention of microorganisms
  • Heat-Resistant: Safely holds hot liquids up to 110°C
  • Microwave Safe: Can be used in the microwave and oven
  • Nestable Design: Easy stacking for efficient storage
  • Space-Saving: Fits neatly on shelves and in tight spaces
  • Exceptional Shock Resistance: Up to 3 times more resistant than comparable products
  • Not for Oven or Stove Top Use: Please note the limitations



12cm x 5.5cm (D x H)

14cm x 6.5cm (D x H)