Household Rice Storage Container, 15KG, with Handle & Wheel

SKU HPM-0346

Product Details:

  • Convenient mobility: Our rice storage container is equipped with wheels on two of its corners, allowing for easy maneuverability and transportation.
  • Space-saving design: The square shape of the container ensures efficient use of space in your kitchen or pantry.
  • Large capacity: With the ability to hold up to 15kg of rice, this container provides ample storage for your rice supply.
  • Durable and safe: Made from high-quality PP plastic, the container is durable, lightweight, and safe for storing food.
  • Airtight lid: The container comes with a tight-fitting lid to keep your rice fresh and protected from moisture and pests.
  • Easy to handle: The container features a handle for easy lifting and carrying, making it convenient to access and transport your rice.
  • Easy to clean: The smooth surfaces of the container make it easy to clean, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.
  • Keep your rice organized and easily accessible with our wheeled rice storage container.

Dimension: 37 cm x 22 cm x 36.5 cm