Hippomart Instant Soft Drink/Beer Bottle Cap Opener in Stainless Steel SUS304

SKU HPM-0071

Easy to use and portable - Just push down and open a bottle instantly.

Well sized to make it convenient and easy to carry. Better than wall mounted bottle openers.
Great for people who suffer from repetitive motion disorder or other wrist disorders.

An ingenious invention that will be the talk of the Party! Push Down spring-loaded mechanism opens and releases effortlessly in on push down motion. The speediest bottle opener than any other bottle openers out there.

Dual Functionality - Opens bottles instantly and great beer bottle cap catcher with a magnet. Will not bend caps once off which makes it great for Cap Collectors.

Easy to use bottle opener for beer, soda or any bottle with a cap.
Made of durable stainless steel; one firm push removes the cap with ease.
Magnetic feature holds the cap in place.

Professional grade and durable - Size really doesn't matter here. This bottle opener is built to last and will open hundreds of bottles within a few minutes.
Perfect Gift - Great Christmas gifts or Stocking stuffers for men, Bartender, Party favors, or Birthday gifts for dad or just yourself!

If you love to socialize and party then this is the perfect bottle opener for you.