Hippomart Extra Thick PE Non-Leak Trash Bag - 100L (10 pcs in a pack)

SKU HPM-0371-01

Most of us re-use the plastic shopping bag from grocery shopping as a trash bag but that doesn't work for families with more than 3 pax where a larger volume trash bin is needed. The grocery plastic bag doesn't fit and you'll need a larger trash bag.

  • Strong enough to tolerate all residential household garbage and commercial waste. Made from industrial-strength low-density resins (thicker material).
  • 90 Liter black trash can liners. Fits outdoor 120L 2 Wheel Bin
  • NO TEARS or LEAKS - Trash bag liner is durable and designed to hold the toughest garbage with absolutely no tears or leaks. 
  • KEEPS TRASH CAN 100% CLEAN - Garbage bag liners ensure trash bin remain totally clean inside. No more smell or dirt around your trash cans! Maintain your can in perfect brand new condition!

Dimension: 100 cm x 120 cm

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