EZ Jar Cap Opener - Green

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What is more frustrating than when you are not able to win the wrestling competition to get that can/jar open? Especially when all the cooking ingredients are well prepared, except for the spaghetti sauce that is being locked in the container.

You won‰۪t have to waste much more of your energy again with the Easy Container Cap Opener. With easy installation to either your kitchen cabinet, or under a corner of your dining table; simply lock the can/jar tight into the opener‰۪s V shape angle, with your hand holding on to the can/jar, make a twisting movement, and ‰ÛÏPOP!‰۝. Your can/jar is ready.

So the next time you would have any trouble getting that cap open, just remember these simple steps: lock, grab, twist, and ‰ÛÏPOP!‰۝

Key Features

  • Can operate with single hand
  • Strong and firm texture
  • Strong stick-on features
  • Comes with 3M adhesive


  • Diameter: 16 cm
  • Height: 2.6 cm

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