Electric Breast Enhancement Device, Chest Massager, Vacuum Therapy Massager

SKU ST-855

Product features:

  • Baby Food-Grade Silicone Material
  • Revitalize and enhance your natural curves.
  • Designed to closely fit the breast contour, ensuring optimal results without discomfort.
  • 12cm cups, ideal for A-B cup sizes.
  • Voltage: Input AC 100-240V, Output 6V
  • Current: 200mA, 50/60Hz


What is the Breast Enhancement Principle?

Our device employs advanced vacuum suction technology to enhance breast size and firmness. This method helps to concentrate breast movement, increase breast tissue volume, and activate breast cell vitality. It effectively improves microcirculation and unblocks meridians, resulting in a fuller, firmer bust without rebound effects.


Correct Usage for Breast Enhancement Device:

  1. First Two Weeks: Adapting with One Suction and Release

For the first two weeks, start with a suction and release method to adapt. Press the button at the back to release air. Suction a little bit and then release; do not wait until it becomes unbearable. In the first week, accumulate 2-3 minutes each session, then gradually increase the time. In the second week, you can accumulate 5-8 minutes (once a day).


  1. Third Week: Continuous Suction After Adapting

After adapting, you can maintain continuous suction for 5-20 minutes, gradually increasing the duration.


  1. Usage of Essential Oil

Use the device before applying essential oil. The vacuum cup cannot maintain suction if used after applying essential oil, apply 1-2 drops of essential oil to the chest and massage for 3-5 minutes using circular motions.