EKO Drawstring Trash Bag 3-6L
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EKO Drawstring Trash Bag 3-6L

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  • Width: 40cm
  • Height: 40cm



1 pack x30 bags

Gone are the days of having trouble fitting plastic bags, recycled from your trips to the supermarket. More often than not, these grocery bags are not the perfect fit for your bins. You probably remember the time while trying to fit recycled grocery bags onto your bigger volume bins, stretching it to cover the circumference of the bin opening, and it hangs above the bottom of the bin as a result. While grocery bags have no problems being fitted to smaller volume bins, the excess portions of the plastic bag that hangs out from your bin lid make it an eyesore to your well-designed home.

Fret not, EKO bin liners come in a variety of sizes custom made to be the perfect fit for your EKO bins. In addition to the EKO bin being designed with hygiene in mind, so is the bin liner. The EKO bin liners are completed with drawstrings so that your hands don't make contact with the "gooey bits" and the opening tightens with a "pulling" motion. 

Every detail has been thoroughly thought out so that you don't have to.