Ecocasa - Triple Liners (15L + 15L + 15L)
Step Bin

Ecocasa - Triple Liners (15L + 15L + 15L)

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  • Length: 60.5cm
  • Width: 32.1cm
  • Height: 49.2cm


Do you know a typical household of 3 generates 20kg of trash every day? It has become more apparent to recycle and sort our trash in order to reuse and donate those reusable to organisations.

Introducing EKO Ecocasa recycling series. It comes with a standard brushed stainless steel body that is fingerprint proof and a soft closing lid that keeps trash in and noises out.

The interior comes with 2 or 3 compartments for easy sorting of trash and recyclables or wet and dry trash. It is also colour coded for easy identification!

Get the Ecocasa recycling series and start saving money today!