Eco-Friendly Wheat Straw Soup & Noodle Bowl with Lid, Spoon and Chopstick - Beige

SKU HPM-0244
The wheat straw material revolution is on-going and while it lacks colour variation, it excels at being a good material for storing food items as being safe to use and non-toxic while being Eco-friendly. This bowl is what we use when we need a good bowl of hot tom yum ramen.

Health Eco-friendly materials: This item is made of wheat fiber, rice husk fiber, and other biological materials. It does not release harmful substances in hot water and at high temperature. The material is easy to clean, impact resistant, safe and durable, that is better than ordinary plastic material.

Unique Design: The lid is designed in radiant shape, which can be used as a disk containing sauces, soy sauce or other seasonings. The lid designed with a groove can be used to put chopsticks. The small opening mouth design in the bowl and lid can be used to place a spoon for convenience.

Multi-function usage: It not only can be used for noodles, soup but also to be a water filter which is good for making dry noodles and separate pasta. It is a very practical design. Ideal for workaholics and professionals.

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