DionCare Body Sculpting Cream


Originated from the traditional method of burning fats off the cellulite layer, DionCare Hot Body Sculpting Cream targets stubborn fat cells that bothers people of modern lifestyle. Made from deep sea minerals, natural plant ingredients, and traditional spices, the recipe urges metabolism to resume by kicking in blood circulation that strengthens fat burning. It is normal to feel a mild-hot sensation as the cream is working on your fat layer. 

Gone are the days where you have to diet. Studies have shown that slimming down via dieting is subjective to individuals. If you are those with stubborn fats, you need much more effort to diet and exercise. What if you have a better way that no one has told you before?

DionCare Slimming Cream is made to dissolve excess fats and inhibit fat synthesis while absorbing existing fat cells into your bloodstream for detoxification while staying hormone-free. Clinical trials have proven that this is a slower process of liposuction but it can achieve much better results than dieting alone, suitable for obese individuals who have difficulty starting any intense workout.


  • Popular areas to apply on include: tummy, thighs, bottoms and arms.
  • Massage gently across your desired area to improve absorption.
  • Apply 2 times a day and wrap in plastic wrap for maximum effect.
  • Recommended 2 bottles. 
  • Application of DionCare Slimming Cream on arms will promote lymphatic and blood circulation which is highly beneficial to slimming your arms.

 Health Notice

  • External application only.
  • Do not apply to face.
  • Please apply a lesser amount if it is right after the bath as your pores will absorb much quicker.
  • People with skin allergies to apply with caution as it may cause skin sensitivity.
  • Pregnant ladies, please do not use.
  • For maximum effect, do also watch your diet and take long walks.

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