Multi-purpose Door Handle Cushion (Pack of 4) Purple

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A quiet space is important for the family that has a toddler and/or elderly. Especially when the night falls, and everyone is already in their beds. But now and then, accidents happen, and getting everyone up in the middle of the night might be the very last thing you would want to happen.

The Multipurpose Door Hand Cushion helps to reduce collision noise like slamming door or wardrobe. These cushions also help to protect walls from damages these force of collisions could cause. They are easy to place, and with the rubber made material, these small set of cushions can also be placed under furniture/object to prevent them from sliding.

    Key Features

    • Quality rubber material that provides thick, strong, and elastic feel texture
    • Comes withåÊ3m adhesive
    • Can be easily attached to wall
    • Prevent furniture/object from sliding/slippery


      • Diameter: 5 cm
      • Height: 1 cm

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