Chef's SUS304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Ballon Whisk For Blending/Whisking/Beating

SKU HPM-0174

SUS304 Stainless steel balloon whisk set makes cooking much easier and more enjoyable. Try the largest whisk for big bowls of pancake batter, the mid-sized one for beating eggs, and the smallest one for blending a small batch of vinaigrette.

Material: Professional cooking utensil whisk set, made of high quality durable stainless steel that uses a highly-polished processing method to bring the dual rust resistance protection of stainless steel.

Design: Ergonomically designed for excellent balance and control for a difference you can really feel in hand.

Easy to clean: Stainless steel balloon whisk set is rust resistant, non-stick and easy to clean. Dishwasher safe!

Easy storage: The stainless steel ends allow for easy hanging on any hook in your kitchen, ensuring easy storage. A must-have for home cooks and restaurant chefs.

Dimension: 6 cm x 30 cm


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