HippoMart Stainless Steel Household Kitchen Strainer

SKU HPM-0137

Product Details: 

  • Kitchen device used for straining liquids and sifting ingredients
  • Can be spoon-shaped or basket-shaped, made of materials like metal, nylon, or cloth
  • Mesh screens with different densities available, ranging from fine to coarse
  • Finer screens prevent tiny particles from passing through
  • Coarser strainers used for holding or retrieving larger food items, such as fried foods
  • Materials used for strainers include stainless steel, tinned steel, aluminum, nylon, and cloth
  • Different types of strainers vary in weight, from light to heavy-duty
  • Some strainers have formed edges with hooks for resting on pots or bowls during draining



38cm x 14cm