Hippomart Perfect Ovenproof Steak Meat Thermometer

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SKU HPM-0128

Perfect Ovenproof Steak Meat Thermometer is perfect for professional results with roasts, meat and poultry cooked in conventional or microwave ovens, on the grill, rotisserie, or in smoke ovens. This Insta-read thermometer is a precision instrument, yet is rugged and durable.

The temperature sensor is between 'dimple' and tip of stem. For best accuracy, stem should be inserted into food to dimple or higher. From meats to chocolate, the oven or the freezer, whatever you need a temperature reading on, we have the thermometer for the task.

Use it for quick, accurate readings after food has been removed from the microwave oven or leave in food when cooking in conventional ovens.The slender stainless steel stem penetrates meat easily, and minimizes the loss of juices.

Featuring advanced technology, quality construction, easy-to-read displays and user-friendly operations.

This Perfect Ovenproof Steak Meat Thermometer is essential for any kitchen.