BIOAQUA Brighteye Eye Essence Massage Roller

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Korean Craze for more beautiful eyes has set this Eye Bag Remover and Tightening Cream to be a hot seller. From the makers of internet-viral Charcoal Black Head Remover, BioAqua has released this collection of easy-to-use eye bag roller due to it's popular demand.

Product name: BIOAQUA Skin Firming Eye Cream 15g

15ml BIOAQUA Skin Care Eye Cream Anti Wrinkle Remove Dark Circles. Moisturizing, hydrating, whitening skin firming eye creams.

Protect tender eye skin, replenish moisture, make the double eye more bright and moving.

Whitening eye cream, moisturizing and hydrating eye cream, anti wrinkle eye cream, dark circles eye cream.

Grab now before its gone!

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