BIOAQUA Brighteye Eye Essence Massage Roller


Korean Craze for more beautiful eyes has set this Eye Bag Remover and Tightening Cream to be a hot seller. From the makers of internet-viral Charcoal Black Head Remover, BioAqua has released this collection of easy-to-use eye bag roller due to popular demand. 

Grab now before its gone!

  • 15ml BIOAQUA Skin Care Eye Cream Anti Wrinkle Remove Dark Circles Moisturizing Hydrating Whitening Skin Firming Eye Creams
  • Product name: BIOAQUA Skin Firming Eye Cream 15g
  • Protect tender eye skin, replenish moisture, make the double eye more bright and moving
  • Whitening eye cream, Moisturizing hydrating eye cream, anti wrinkle eye cream, dark circles eye cream


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