AUSKO Steel Mobile Garbage Bin [Multiple-Size]


Product features: 

  • Our 660L metal bin comes with a premium and strong plastic rotomoulded lid, while our 1100L metal bin comes with a lightweight yet heavy-duty metal lid
  • The two lid options make loading the container safe and easy
  • This metal bin comes with Danish manoeuvring handles and EN 840 certified
  • The strong galvanised steel body contains any waste fires by starving them of oxygen, rapidly extinguishing the fire before it spreads further
  • The steel is well protected against corrosion and rust
  • Fully welded internal seams, establishing durable, strong, and permanent joint links


Max. load: 264kg (660L), 440kg (1100L)



Overall height: 1340cm (660L), 1410cm (1100L)

Overall width: 1200cm (660L), 1265cm (1100L)

Overall depth: 720cm (660L), 1000cm (1100L)

Upper edge comb: 1160cm (660L), 1210cm (1100L)

Wheel base diameter: 200cm (660L), 200cm (1100L)