RCB - Chute Bin , Multiple Sizes


Product features:

  • Designed as a waste receptacle inside the rubbish chute found in high-rise apartments
  • Resistant to harsh weather conditions, making it strong and durable
  • Sturdy frame, coupled with a solid handle and wide opening
  • Ideal for everyday life’s commodities, especially in situations where high levels of human traffic and waste volume take place



  • 110L - L52.5 cm x W52.5 cm x H56.5 cm
  • 120L - L48 cm x W58.5 cm x H66 cm
  • 150L - L60 cm x W60 cm x H65 cm
  • 200L - L68 cm x W68 cm x H70 cm
  • 250L - L69 cm x W69 cm x H75 cm
  • 330L - L58 cm x W90 cm x H92 cm



  • Polyethylene



  • Black