Korean Rainbow Nestable Kitchen Utensil Set

Korean Rainbow Nestable Kitchen Utensil Set

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  • Measuring Spoon #1: 60ml, 5 diameter, L: 12cm; 19g
  • Measuring Spoon #2: 85ml, 6.5 diameter, L: 14cm; 20g
  • Measuring Spoon #3: 125ml, 7.5 diameter; L: 15.2cm, 23g
  • Measuring Spoon #4: 250ml, 9 diameter; L: 17.5cm, 34g
  • Mixing Bowl with Measurements #5: 500ml, 15 diameter, L: 21cm, 97g
  • Sieve #6: 1.65L, 18.7 diameter, L: 24.7cm, 54g
  • Drain Basket #7: 3L, 22.5 diameter, 28.3cm, 193g
  • Anti-slippery Mixing Bowl #8: 4.5L, 26 diameter, 31.5cm, 278g


Key Features

  • Space saving
  • High-quality food grade plastic
  • Non-toxic
  • Dishwasher: Available
  • Heat-resistant temperature: 110 degrees Celcius
  • Patented Design


If you are searching for a space saving tips for your kitchen, you are looking at that answer at this very moment!

This simple and convenient tool is the dream for small kitchen space. Each individual color represents a common tool that we would often find ourselves using them in the kitchen. Though we would often misplace them, and would probably get distracted from the cooking process just to find the item we need. For the Rainbow Kitchen Utensil Set, the eight tools are basically stacked up in ordering sizes, and its space saving, easy to store set of tool kits!