Absorbent Diatomaceous Earth, Japanese Design, Antibacterial Deodorant Nonslip Bathroom Floor Mats - Grey

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The next generation of bath mat is here. It is not soft and fluffy, but you can rest assure that it is much more absorbent than your regular bath mat. It works so well that we are very amazed at the result and the best thing is we do not have to wash it like fabric bath mat. The material is Diatomaceous Earth which will revolutionise bath mats forever.

Safe and chemical free: Made from all natural diatomite without any chemical additives, this bath mat is safe, fast self-drying and a new way of green life.

Maximum water and odour absorbency: The mat soaks up water immediately, and gets dry in a few minutes, keeps the floor dry and clean. Furthermore, it can refresh the air in the bathroom.

Anti-slip and anti-bacterial: Minimise the risk of slips and falls while preventing erosion, mildew and bacteria build up by keeping the balance of air humidity.

Low maintenance and easy to clean: Wash with running water or wipe with a wet cloth, then air dry. Our Diatomaceous Earth bath mat will quickly refresh itself with excellent absorbent performance

Brand new streamlined design: No matter what style your home is, this natural colour will fit in your home elegantly.

    Dimension: 60 cm x 39 cm x 1 cm

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