HippoMart Multi-purpose Stainless Steel Scissors for Cutting Green Onions, Seaweed, Herbs, and Shredding Food


Product Description

Time saving: Two snips of these scissors equals five knife chops! Cut herbs such as basil, parsley, cilantro, mint, chives, rosemary, etc. at speeds like never before!


Multi-purpose: Can be used in kitchen for chopping food faster. Or shredding paper for arts and crafts purpose at home or the office! Perfect kitchen gadget for your herb garden!


Quality material & comfortable: Scissor blades are made from durable high-quality stainless steel while the handle is made from polypropylene and the finger holes are lined with comfortable thermoplastic rubber. Finger holes are lined with rubber for anti-slip and ultimate comfort.


Dimensions: 22 cm x 7.8 cm x 1.4 cm