3D Contoured Sleep Mask For Airplane with Travel Silk Bag & Ear Plug Travel Box - Black


åÊA sleep mask can help you gain proper rest, especially on long flights. And a good sleep mask will give you extra comfort and help in providing better sleep experience on uncomfortable plane seat positions.

This sleep mask is contoured and made of high-density memory foam that provides extra comfort while maintaining its slim profile, very important for hand carry items. 3D contouring has been designed to implement large eye cavities, raised the nasal bridge and thickened the cantus so that it will not mess up ladies with makeup.

On the technical side, this 3D sleep mask fits any face easily with our new loop design of 9 cm range that can extend up to 20 cm.åÊ

It will get you a good sleep on uncomfortable flights because this also includes earplugs to zone out unnecessary noise.

You'll get a 3D contoured sleep mask + Ear Plug + Travel Silk Bag.

Grab this now! You'll thank me later!

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