Product Review Ep 01: Ice Age Novelty Ice Maker HippoMart

Beat the Heat in Style with Ice Age Novelty Ice Maker

We are excited to introduce you our first blog of product review, starting with one of the bestselling items on our site, the Ice Age Novelty Ice Maker.

If you are the person who won't be able live through another hot and humid day without ice cold water, then this is definitely the item that you would want to have!

Made from high-quality silicone, the soft flexible mould will turn the ordinary ice cube into the lively 3D polar animals - Polar bear and penguin. Drifting your mind to the sub-zero kingdom of these animals.


These are the actual pictures of the ice after taken out from the mould. They actually look a bit smaller than how I personally expected them to be. But they are definitely the perfect size to make those special welcome drink that will surely leave your guests overwhelmed.


And not to mention how these distinctive ice cubes will set the excitement for the kids!

The pair also makes a great gift for all the polar lovers out there too!

Seeing these lovely creatures floating along the motion of water, and slowly shrink and disappear to the water temperature also serves as a great reminder of global warming; the alarming message that has been rising for decades to protect these beautiful animals from extinction.

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