10 Easy Ways to Organise Your Whole House

There are days you feel that your house feels like a zoo or probably every day is a zoo for some of us especially when you have kids. Use these 10 tips to get whip your house back in order. They are easy to follow and you can get back in shape in no time!

Mail & Papers

Everytime you open the mailbox, there are advertisements as well as bills that you want to look at on a later date. Normally those go into a junk drawer but you now you can grab any decorative box that you can get for $2 in Daiso to gather your mail, receipts, and your kid's notes from school — and sort through the pile once a week. When a guest comes, simply pop on the lid to hide the clutter.

Recipe & Receipt Organiser

Some items just don't go anywhere especially when it comes to grocery shopping receipts. Take advantage of your kitchen cabinets by turning the backs into an organization station. "Sort everything into categories and file in pocket organizers, which stick on the inside of kitchen cabinet doors," said Leslie Josel, creator of Order Out of Chaos. This means you'll be able to track down Mom's beloved recipe without digging through a junk drawer.

Storage Containers 

Stash all your goods into these best selling airtight food storage containers. They keep your food fresh and your fridge off any odors. These reusable containers are kitchen essentials because you can throw them microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. Most importantly, they are BPA-free.

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Stock shelves like the grocery store do. By placing the newest boxes, containers, and cans behind the older stuff, you'll use the older food first. Keep a stock of what you actually have by placing dry foods (including cereals, beans, nuts, and flour) in labeled containers.

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Bath Mats

Fabric-based bath mats are so yesteryear. The new revolution in bath mats is made of diatomaceous earth. They safe to use and are super absorbent. The best thing? You do not need to wash this clay-like material. It keeps absorbing and we are amazed at where the moisture goes to. 

Anti-slip and anti-bacterial: Minimise the risk of slips and falls while preventing erosion, mildew, and bacteria build up by keeping the balance of air humidity.

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You love 'em, we love 'em, but your kitchen counter doesn't. Instead of keeping every magazine you've ever read, Phillip suggests cutting out recipes, workouts, or cleaning tips, and recycling the rest. His recommendation: Recycle anything older than two months — unless you haven't read it yet, of course.

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Take a cue from fashion designers and hang matching outfits and accessories together in one hanger. 

By placing clothes and their coordinating accessories on streamlined velvet hangers, you'll be able to fit more in your closet, no matter the size.

Fridge & Freezer

The key to a well-organized and neat fridge is stackable and segmented containers. Sort different nature products away while this organisation will help you find and place items more effectively. It comes in 2 kinds of food-grade storage container with and without dividers. It will give you the option to sort items accordingly to the size.

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Kitchen Counters

Cluttered countertops are a chef's nightmare. Grouping kitchen gear by color lets you reap the benefits of an organized kitchen without the stress of visible clutter. Amp things up a notch by taking everything off the counters and storing them on open shelves.

Dresser Drawers

Nobody has time for mismatched socks. Group your items into different size storage containers and name them. Save time finding items and let there be more space for more shopping!

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