10 Easy Home Organization Hacks

10 Easy Home Organization Hacks

Does your house feel like a constant battle against clutter? You're not alone! This guide equips you with 10 easy-to-follow organization hacks that can transform your entire home in no time. From taming mail piles to maximizing kitchen cabinet space, these tips will help you achieve a clutter-free haven.

Mail & Papers

Say goodbye to overflowing drawers! Invest in a stylish box for $2 (think Daiso!) to collect mail, bills, and kid's schoolwork. Sort through it weekly and hide any clutter with a simple lid when guests arrive.

Recipe & Receipt Organiser

Maximize underused cabinet space! Turn the backs of your doors into an organization haven. Use pocket organizers (adhere to the inside) to categorize and store items like recipes, receipts, or grocery lists.

Storage Containers 

Upgrade your food storage game! Opt for airtight, BPA-free containers that keep food fresh, eliminate fridge odors, and are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe.


Organize your pantry like a grocery store! Place new items behind older ones, ensuring you use older food first. FIFO method (First In, First Out)

Bath Mats

Ditch outdated fabric mats! Diatomaceous earth bath mats are super absorbent, safe to use, and require no washing! This innovative material eliminates moisture build-up and prevents bacteria growth.


Magazines are great, but not for permanent counter residence! Clip out recipes, workouts, or cleaning tips you want to keep, and recycle the rest. Consider recycling anything older than two months (unless unread, of course).


Hang matching outfits and accessories together on a single hanger, maximizing closet space and efficiency. Use sleek velvet hangers for a polished look.

Fridge & Freezer

The key to an organized fridge is compartmentalization! Utilize stackable, segmented containers to categorize and store different foods effectively. Opt for containers with or without dividers to suit your needs.

Kitchen Counters

Group kitchen gear by color for a visually appealing and organized kitchen. Take it a step further by storing appliances on open shelves, freeing up valuable counter space.

Dresser Drawers

Group similar items like socks and underwear in labeled storage containers. This saves time searching for items and frees up space for future shopping sprees!

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